Our commitment to you

We are open and honest: we demonstrate open, honest, collaborative, positive and ethical behaviour in our dealings with all in order to solve problems and achieve our shared business goals.

We are respectful: we respond professionally and positively in all situations, recognising all aspects of diversity.


We have the confidence to challenge: we have the confidence to challenge and accept we will be challenged in order to achieve ‘best for the alliance’.

We trust and are trustworthy: we do what we say we will do and trust others to do the same.

We are safe: our main priorities are safety and wellbeing – which we implement every day.

We are sustainable: we strive to take a sustainable approach in order to have a lasting and positive impact on the environment and communities where we work.

In dealing with you, we will:

  • Answer your telephone call between the hours of 0800 and 1800 hours, Monday-Friday
  • Respond to your telephone or voicemail message within one working day
  • Respond to your written correspondence within three working days
  • Acknowledge your complaint within three working days
  • See you promptly on arrival at our office
  • Make a private room available if you need it or offer you an appointment if you prefer
  • Visit you at a place convenient to you

What we expect from you in return is to:

  • Be polite and treat our staff with respect
  • Be patient and understand the constraints in which we work
  • Clearly explain your query and provide us with all of the information we need to help you
  • Be on time for appointments and let us know in plenty of time if you need to cancel or rearrange
  • Advise us in advance if you need any additional assistance, such as an interpreter or information provided in a different format
  • Refrain from using inappropriate language or aggressive behaviour as this will not be tolerated

If you would like to see this information in another format, please use our webform.

Feedback and complaints

The Midland Metro Alliance welcomes feedback and will always try to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

We will always seek to work with stakeholders and the local community with a legitimate complaint in an attempt to resolve the issue. Sometimes, however, complainants can treat staff and others in a way that is unacceptable and/or behave in an unacceptable manner. Whilst we recognise that some complaints may relate to serious and distressing incidents, we will not accept threatening, inappropriate or harassing behaviour.

An unreasonable complainant may be anyone who engages in unreasonable behaviour when making a complaint.

Unreasonable behaviour may include, but is not limited to, actions which are:

  • Out of proportion to the nature of the complaint, or
  • Persistent – even when the complaints procedure has been exhausted, or
  • Unjustifiably repetitious or
  • Personally harassing

Unreasonable behaviour may also include:

  • being aggressive, using abusive or threatening language
  • Making complaints in public, or
  • Refusing to attend appointments to discuss the complaint, or
  • Refusing to co-operate with the complaints investigation process while still wishing their complaint to be resolved, or
  • Changing the basis of the complaint as the investigation proceeds, and/ or denying statements made at an earlier stage, or
  • Electronically recording meetings and conversations without the prior knowledge and consent of the other participants.

The Midland Metro Alliance reserves the right to close all contact with anyone deemed to be an unreasonable complainant. In this instance, they will be informed that further contact on the matter of the complaint will not be acknowledged or replied to if deemed to be repetitive.