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i10 Footpath Closure

A temporary footway closure will be taking place from Monday 13 August 2018. The closure will be outside of the i10 building and shall remain in place for a period of one week until Monday 20 August 2018. There will be diversion signs in place to assist pedestrians in reaching their destinations.

Those approaching the i10 building from the Railway Station should access from the footbridge connected to Sainsbury’s and then heading toward Costa Coffee before turning right to access the building.

Those approaching from the City Centre will access the i10 building as normal. Please see the pedestrian map for further details.

Extension Overview

As part of the Wolverhampton Interchange, the Metro extension will run from a junction with the existing Midland Metro tramway close to the current terminus at Wolverhampton St. George’s through to Wolverhampton Railway Station. Trams will stop at the city’s Bus Station on Pipers Row, before continuing to Wolverhampton Railway Station, allowing easy interchange with other modes of transport.

This Metro extension is part of an overall investment in the city in excess of £150m. The projects, which make up the Wolverhampton Interchange, will jointly deliver 1,500 jobs and improve transport for the people of Wolverhampton and the Black Country as a whole.


The headline benefits of this route are…

  • Significant improvements to interchange with two new stops at the Bus Station and the Railway Station encouraging shift from car to public transport;
  • A major regeneration initiative bringing much-needed investment as well as new jobs and benefits to the economy of the Black Country;
  • Better public transport opens up new opportunities for people seeking work both in Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands area;
  • Improving connectivity to High Speed Rail for Wolverhampton when HS2 is built.


What is the outline programme for delivery?

On 24 June 2016, the Secretary of State announced his decision to make the Wolverhampton City Centre Extension Order (the notice & decision letter). More details can be found here. This means the Midland Metro Alliance now has the powers necessary for the construction, operation and maintenance of the extension.

Preparatory works to divert utilities commenced in autumn 2017 and the first phase of constructing this route was completed ahead of schedule in 2017. Enabling construction along Pipers Row will begin in March 2018, with full construction to commence after the Easter Bank Holidays. This phase of works is anticipated to last until summer 2018.

For frequently asked questions on the extension and the phase two construction programme, please click here.

The works are part of the Wolverhampton Interchange and the Midland Metro Alliance is working closely with the City of Wolverhampton Council and other partners in the Wolverhampton Interchange with the aim that the Metro will open for passenger service following the completion of Wolverhampton’s new Railway Station in 2020.

Traffic and pedestrian diversion maps are available below.

Pedestrian Route Map

Vehicle Route Map

Cycle Route Map


What service is expected to run on the extension?

  • Service frequency to the railway station: Six minute service during peak times with a 15 minute service off-peak. With two to four trams per hour serving Wolverhampton St George’s.
  • Monday to Friday: 04:40 to 00:15
  • Saturday: 04:40 to 01:00
  • Sunday: 07:20 to 00:10 at 15 minute frequency


Frequently Asked Questions

Wolverhampton City Centre Extension Factsheet

The Metro already goes to Wolverhampton, why is this being extended?
The new Metro extension when opened will provide a truly multimodal transport network in the City of Wolverhampton. Public transport users will easily be able to change between bus, Metro and train as the new extension serves both the bus interchange and the Railway Station.

The current terminus at Wolverhampton St. George’s will continue to be used with its convenient location close to Wolverhampton’s shopping district making it perfect as a ‘shopper’s service’.

What benefits will this bring to the Wolverhampton area?

The Metro extension to the Wolverhampton’s Railway Station will provide a truly interconnected public transport network in Wolverhampton allowing easy interchange between different modes of public transport.

Will it provide links to the Railway Station?

There will be a new Metro terminus at the redesigned Railway Station in Wolverhampton allowing easy interchange between heavy rail and tram.

What provisions are in place to reduce noise while the work is being carried out?

Unavoidably, there will be some disruption during the works but we aim to minimise this wherever possible.

What are you doing?

The Midland Metro Alliance is working on behalf of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to construct a Metro extension to link to Wolverhampton’s new Railway Station. When the Metro extension is complete once the Railway Station is developed, it will provide excellent connectivity between bus, rail and Metro services.

How long are the works going to last?

We anticipate that this section of construction work will run from spring to summer 2018.

Why are you doing this?

We are carrying out the works as part of the Wolverhampton Interchange which aims to improve the transport system in the city.

How many new Metro stops will there be?

The Wolverhampton City Centre Extension includes two new Metro stops. One of these will be in Pipers Row to allow easy interchange to and from the city’s Bus Station and the other will be at Wolverhampton Railway Station, where the Metro will terminate.

Where will the Metro run to and from?

When the extension opens after the Railway Station is complete, the Metro will run from Birmingham Grand Central to Wolverhampton St George’s and Wolverhampton Railway Station. Every other Metro will terminate at Wolverhampton St. George’s as part of a ‘shopper’s service’. Passenger information will be displayed on the front of the Metro and at all stops. During construction of the extension, the Metro will serve Wolverhampton St. George’s as usual.

When will the new Metro stops be in use?

The Midland Metro Alliance is working closely with the City of Wolverhampton Council and other partners in the Wolverhampton Interchange with the aim that the Metro will open for passenger service following the construction of the new Railway Station in 2020.

Will the bus services be affected?

There will be some changes to the location of buses in the city as the works are undertaken. Buses that operate from the Bus Station will exit via Ring Road St. Davids (A4150). Pedestrian access from the Bus Station to the rest of Wolverhampton will be maintained during construction. Further details on changes to bus services can be found by visiting 

Will taxi ranks be affected by the works?

The taxi rank on the upper end of Castle Street and Market Street shall remain operational as normal. However, the taxi rank at the lower end of Castle Street, adjacent to the CRC Manhattans night club, will be suspended for the duration of the works.

As a visitor to Wolverhampton, how will I get to the city centre when arriving from the train station?

You will still be able to access all businesses and retailers during the works, including both the Mander and Wulfrun shopping centres. There will be clearly signed diversion routes to assist pedestrians to find their way to the city centre.

Will I still be able to drive down Pipers Row?

Pipers Row will be closed to vehicular traffic. There will be clearly signed diversion routes in place during this time.

Will pedestrians still be able to walk along Pipers Row?

Yes, along clearly identified pedestrian routes. We will maintain pedestrian access at all times, however, pedestrians may be directed to the opposite side of the road during particular times to accommodate the programme of works.

Can I cross Pipers Row on foot?

There will be three temporary crossings along Pipers Row, allowing pedestrians to cross safely during the works.

Will I still be able to drive to Berry Street?

During the works, access to Berry Street will be maintained via Market Street and Queen Street. Clearly signed diversion routes will be in place to help drivers navigate.

How will I get to the NCP car park on Pipers Row?

Drivers will be able to access the NCP car park via Market Street, before turning right on to Tower Street where the entrance is located. When exiting the car park, drivers will need to turn left on to Castle Street and right on to Market Street. Clearly signed diversion routes will be in place to direct traffic.

Can I drive down Princess Street?

Princess Street will only be accessible to taxis, buses and delivery vehicles.

I have tickets to the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and Arena theatre, can I still get there by car?
Yes, when travelling via Bilston Street access to both theatres, and city centre car parks, will be viable via Market Street, Queen Street and Berry Street. Clearly signed diversion routes will be in place.

Will I still be able to get to Castle Street?

Access to Castle Street will be maintained via Market Street and Tower Street. Clearly signed diversion routes will be in place.

I have a business on a road adjacent to Pipers Row. Will access be maintained?

We always aim to minimise disruption where possible and are working with the City of Wolverhampton Council to ensure access is maintained for deliveries and loading.

How will delivery drivers access my business?

Traffic marshals will be in place 24-hours a day to assist delivery drivers and businesses.

I am a student travelling to the University of Wolverhampton, will I be affected?

If you are travelling by train, access to the University of Wolverhampton will be via Lichfield Street. Metro users will still be able to get to the university through Market Street, and all buses will continue to service the university.

I have a season ticket to Wolverhampton Wanderers will I still be able to go to the games?

Yes, there will be clearly signed diversion routes to direct you to Molineux Stadium.

Will I be able to get to the Wolverhampton Crown Court?

Yes, pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. However, if you’re arriving by Metro, you will have to exit Wolverhampton St. George’s tram stop at its intersection with Market Street to cross to Bilston Street.

How do I leave the city centre from Market Street?

Please follow the clearly signed diversion routes in place.