School Visit to Birmingham using the Metro


‘Thank you for helping with our Metro journey to Grand Central in Birmingham so we could collect the data for our GCSE Geography controlled assessment. Geography students at Health Futures UTC are investigating urban regeneration in Birmingham. Using the metro was an excellent way to demonstrate how transport links are an important feature of regeneration by speeding up journey times, reducing pollution and making better links between different forms of transport. The reliability of the metro and short waiting times made it an excellent mode of transport as we were able to be flexible with our timings. It was great to know the longest we would need to wait for the next tram was no longer than 6 minutes and back to school within 15 minutes! We look forward to seeing the future developments.’

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe

The Midland Metro Alliance is keen to work more closely with Schools and colleges so if you would like to arrange for a project or have an exciting idea we would really love to hear from you.

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