The Midland Metro Alliance consists of the West Midlands Combined Authority, which owns West Midlands Metro; a consortium of design experts from Egis, Tony Gee and Pell Frischmann; and rail construction specialists Colas Rail – with Colas’ sub-alliance partners Colas Ltd, Barhale, Bouygues UK and Auctus Management Group.

Sustainability is one of our core values. We are committed to the sustainable development of our £1.35bn tram extension programme, taking decisions that not only minimise our negative impacts but maintain a balance between economic success and the enrichment of the environment and social opportunities for the communities within which we work.

To adopt responsible and sustainable practices in partnership with our suppliers and stakeholders, we have reviewed the key purchases we make so that we can make conscious decisions that seek out increasingly sustainable products and services. The considerations taken into account for each key purchase in their design, specification and procurement are set out below and will be reviewed on an annual basis to keep them up to date.

Key purchases for the alliance are

  • Concrete
  • Fill/aggregate
  • Surfacing materials
  • Street furniture
  • Power systems
  • Energy supply, fuel and fuel additives
  • Timber and timber products
  • Office supplies
  • Steelwork/reinforcement
  • Waste services

For materials, systems and products we will seek the lowest whole-life cost option by considering the following in their design, specification and procurement

  • Waste avoidance – packaging, offsite manufacture/3D printing, material re-use, re-engineering and re-manufacture
  • Management in use including maintenance and end of life management, where possible, avoiding the use of single-use materials, systems and products
  • Material content – sustainable sourcing e.g. certificated timber and timber products and virgin non-renewable and recycled content
  • Whole-life carbon including renewable energy inputs and, where apporpriate impact on energy use during tram operations
  • Embodied carbon content
  • Efficiency of utility consumption in use including fuel and other energy use and water
  • Hazardous nature of inputs to manufacture and of the finished goods
  • Pollution associated with extraction and manufacturing and impact on health – air, water, land and ecology
  • Local sourcing
  • Transport impacts

For services we will seek the lowest whole-life cost option by reviewing, through the procurement process, how suppliers have included the considerations above in delivering their service to the Midland Metro Alliance.

This policy applies to all projects undertaken as part of the tram extension programme and the design and construction members of the alliance and shall be implemented by demonstrating the considerations have been taken into account in the design, specification and procurement of the key purchases covered by this policy.